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If you are here to buy bad Facebook reviews, you are in the right place on the internet. We are selling any kind of Facebook reviews with years of experience. Even if you are not willing to buy it doesn’t matter. Read the article to learn more about significance of Facebook negative reviews.


As the world’s largest social media website, Facebook is always been a target for promoting a business and growing the customerbase. By creating a Facebook business page, you can reach millions of Facebook users who have a real interest in your business niche. If people are satisfied with a service, they can give them positive reviews or else negative reviews. These reviews help a business to earn credibility among the community and build a strong reputation. By the way, buying Facebook reviews are always a good idea to reach your business goal in a short time. Buy bad Facebook reviews to take down your competitors and take their customer as yours.

What are Facebook reviews?

Facebook review is a feature of a Facebook business page that allows its users to write a review about the business. Every single Facebook user can write a review. With reviews, they can give you a 0 to 5-star rating indicating the happiness score.

Why you should choose Facebook as a part of your business strategy?

With 2.2 billion active monthly users, Facebook has already proved its effectiveness in every kind of business. You can easily assume that each and every one of your customers has a Facebook account. So you can easily reach them just by having a Facebook business page. You can reach your target audience no matter the region, color, or religion.

Facebook helps to increase your brand presence. A large number of customers get their first impression of a brand by seeing Facebook posts.  2015 DigitasLBi Connected Commerce study says that Facebook is influencing 85% of the global consumer base.

Facebook is offering lots of features like photos, videos, Facebook ads, reviews, star rating systems, etc that can be used on your business page to build up your business profile. You can its review feature as a weapon and buy bad Facebook reviews to take down your competitors which will help you easily gain a lot of customers. But buying fake Facebook reviews is risky. Always buy Facebook 1 star reviews from the provider your trust the most. You can choose us as we are already serving a large variety of our customers.

Impacts of Facebook reviews.

You can ask us, are people really reading the reviews? Let me show you a survey. According to Forbes research, 81% of 12000 people in US&UK relays on social media posts, reviews, and recommendations from friends. 78% of them say posts from the business pages also influence them. Facebook reviews are trusted by many peoples as it is a vast platform with all kinds of people. However negative reviews are more effective to decrease sales than the sales increased by positive reviews. Also if you buy negative Facebook reviews, it will help you to balance the ratio of positivity and negativity around your business.

Facebook business reviews are equally trusted as the opinions of relatives. A study by BrightLocal says, 85% of consumers trust online reviews like the trust reviews from their relatives. 70% of consumers say they will buy goods from a business if they have positive reviews. 40% say, if the business page has any negative reviews, they will ignore it.

How do fake Facebook reviews affect a Facebook business page?

Having negative reviews on a business page will automatically turn the customers away from the business. A large number of people are shopping online and before they buy anything they compare the price with other businesses and read the reviews to decide the credibility of the business. If the customer read a negative review it is easy to say that he will look for a better alternative. Negative reviews will affect your business in the following ways.

Drop in revenue.

This is the first effect of having negative reviews. Negative reviews imply a low conversion rate which automatically implies lower revenue. Facebook business page having rating near 1-1.5 star report 33% lower revenue than an average business.

Decrease in reputation.

A single negative review is enough to destroy the reputation of a business. 50% of customers question the quality of a business if they have negative reviews. Having lots of negative Facebook reviews will make it harder to regain the reputation. Buy bad Facebook reviews to balance your competitor’s reputation with you.

Take customers away.

Negative Facebook reviews drive away 22% of prospects which are around 30 customers. This number increases as negative reviews increase. 3 negative reviews will end up taking 59.2% of customers, 70% when the number increases to four.


Why you would buy bad Facebook reviews?

There are mainly two kinds of reviews. (1) positive and (2) negative. You can buy both kinds of reviews. But you are here because you want to buy bad Facebook reviews. There basically two types of reviews.

  1. Constructive type negative reviews.
  2. Prohibiting type negative reviews.

Constructive type negative Facebook reviews.

This type of negative review criticizes the service which helps the business to decide what to do to solve the issues around their product.

Prohibiting type negative reviews.

This type of Facebook review directly forbids others from buying anything from them. It causes a devastating result. So it is very important to buy constructive negative reviews instead of buying prohibiting type reviews.

Negative Facebook reviews help the business page to balance the review and rating ratio. Facebook removes a business page from their network if their ratio seems abnormal. Say you have 20 positive reviews but a 1.5-star rating. Buy bad Facebook reviews for other companies to convert their customers into yours.

Where can you buy bad Facebook reviews?

You can buy negative Facebook reviews or buy 1 star Facebook reviews from any trusted online review provider agency. We are offering you a large variety of negative Facebook review plans at a cheap price. If you are interested check out our all negative Facebook review plans, add them to the card then pay for them. Next everything is on us. It will be handled by our highly trained team of experts.

What makes us the best Facebook review provider agency?

If you want to buy bad Facebook reviews, we are claiming ourselves as one of the best Facebook review providers. We are the best because of several things.

  1. We are highly experienced in this sector.
  2. All of our reviews are posted from active Facebook profiles from a variety of locations.
  3. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate which is updated every month.
  4. We have a 24/7 customer support team. Let them know your problem at any time and they will find a solution for you.
  5. Our experienced team maintains all the safety protocols.
  6. We are able to give you well-researched Facebook reviews if you buy bad Facebook reviews from us.
  7. We are giving you a 100% non-drop replacement guarantee.

We are focused on quality over quantity. Our team researched the information you give us before writing the reviews. If you buy 1 star Facebook reviews, we will prepare the reviews by analyzing all the negative sides of the business from the already posted reviews and other sources. We have serious concerns about your privacy.

Frequently ask questions.

How many days does it take for my order to be completed?

It usually takes 3 to 7 days based on the order size. We maintain a safety gap between the review posting so that it looks completely natural to others. Buy fake Facebook reviews from us.

How the reviews will be written?

All of the reviews will be written manually. Because we are committed to ensuring our quality which is not possible with bots. So buy bad Facebook reviews from us, and we will give you completely natural-looking handwritten reviews.

Is it safe to buy negative Facebook reviews?

As long as you are buying bad Facebook reviews from a trusted provider like us, yes it is completely safe. We are a team of an experienced team of experts always working to maintain the safety of our customers. We have successfully completed all of our orders with full customer satisfaction.

Can I buy 1 star Facebook reviews?

Yes, we will give 1 star review automatically if you buy bad Facebook reviews from us. You can decide for yourself about the rating we should give.

Can I provide you with custom review text?

Yes, you can. Contact us and provide the custom reviews. We will post them for you.


In the end, buying Facebook reviews can change the game. Especially when you buy bad Facebook reviews, it will affect your competitors which will push you automatically to the top. But you have to buy these reviews from a trusted provider like us. Order now and enjoy.



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